February 5, 2010

Our Christian group at RAAF Wagga is for trainees from RAAFSTT/RAAFSALT and is led by Jericho Sayson.

The RAAF School of Technical Training (RAAFSTT) trains Army, Navy and Air Force aviation technicians whilst the RAAF School of Administration and Logistics Training (RAAFSALT) trains Air Force supply, movements and clerk musterings and their officer equivalents.

FOCUS Wagga July 2015


The group meets for weekly Bible study – 1900 Wednesday night in the FOCUS Brew Room, Building 163 (on McCudden St South adjacent to the Hobby Hangar).



And gets together on weekends for socials and camps.



Before Wagga, Jericho completed his initial military training at ADFA in Canberra and was part of the leadership team for ADFA FOCUS. He now works as a Personnel Capability Officer at 1RTU.


To find out more about FOCUS at RAAF Wagga, you can use the contact form here.