Run a prayer meeting

Run a prayer meeting

The why, when, where and how of meeting for prayer as military Christians.

Run a prayer meeting


A Prayer Meeting can be a quick way to get fellow believers together to inspire and spur each other on. It can be done easily on deployment, or just before or after work, or even at lunchtime!


Try this easy format that prevents it all being about ourselves:


1. Bible: One person chooses a verse of small section of the bible that has encouraged them; or choose a few verses from a Psalms.


2. Prayer of thanks: Thank God and give him the honour and credit for making us; saving us and sustaining us.


3. Pray for the world around us: Our nation; others in the Defence Force; our families and churches back home; the work of the gospel through ministries you know of.


4. Pray for each other and your mates. Pray for the issues you are facing; for opportunities to talk about what you believe; and for your mates to hear and respond.