Talk about what you believe

Talk about what you believe

Hard to get talking about Jesus?

or if you do…. then do  you feel defensive all the time?

GospelTalk is the way to get over it – or rather get into it.

The key to it is asking questions.

A new approach to evangelism.

Change the way you interact with people about Jesus

– using questions and discussion, not an unwanted download.


Current Climate

The great mission of our age – and the greatest joy we can bring – is building the kingdom of God through people coming to know and trust the Lord Jesus Christ for their eternal salvation.

As Paul says in 2 Cor 6:2:

Now is the day of God’s favour, now is the day of salvation.

However in the current climate there is a great fear of evangelism. In a world where tolerance is demanded, people are gun-shy of talking about the gospel. Many Christians seem to have lost confidence in their ability to explain the gospel meaningfully, and are not sure what to say when the subject does come up.


Combat Evangelism

One the other hand some people are combat evangelists. They just want to bowl out any opposing arguments with a knock down answer. How do we overcome this tendency to want to win the argument?

Christians often end up in ‘trench warfare’ over moral issues. We debate the merits of a moral position and lose sight of the gospel of grace. How do we get past the moral debate to the grace of the gospel?


The solution?

GospelTalk is an alternative to these problems. It involves using questions like:

What do you think about xyz?

What do you believe?

What has been your experience of Christianity?

and the really deep one:

Why do you believe?

… to get people engaging thoughfully in the big questions of life.

The course is 7 weeks long – but you can compress or extend it if you like. You can download a sample of the course material and leaders notes, and the Seminar handout from our downloads section.

And you can order copies of the course book (with user guide included) from our online shop.

GospelTalk gets you from ‘Hi’ to talking about Jesus, but then you need to know what to say!


The new GospelTalk Express is now available in our resource downloads section. With material selected from the full course book, and our new gospel summary, it is a quicker way to run GospelTalk if you have less time.