Ministry strategy

FOCUS Military Ministry Strategy


Building Jesus Kingdom

through people in the Australian Military.

Equip Christians for the ministry of the kingdom of God.
Provide a millitary dimension to Christian life.
Network Christians in the Defence Force.
Support lone rangers and members on deployment.

The foundations of our ministry are:
  • the Word of God
  • prayer
  • relationships and the teamwork of Christians working together.

Philosophy of Ministry
Our philosophy of ministry is based around the following steps:
1.reach the unreached Christians up to maturity
3.equip them to do ministry.

Network Ministry



We want Defence Christians throughout the network to be empowered to connect with each other and be inspired to live for Jesus.



Bible Studies– Bible studies on base or in someone’s home. Wherever and whenever it works in your location.



On Deployment– On deployment a one off, ad hoc or regular bible study groups and prayer meetings keep people connected and inspired..

Regional Events-Regional Events such as dinners, seminars and mini-conference provide a military dimension to Christian life and inspire Defence Christians to stand and be counted.